Hello Radiant Souls!

I’m Jillie. I am so happy and thankful that my dreams are becoming a reality. Thank you to everyone who is along for this ride.
I started Jillies Heart Co with the intention to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Children with Heart disease, just like myself! Hence the name - Jillie’s Heart Co. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren't for the amazing research and care I received at BC’s Children’s Hospital.
So, to anyone who will be supporting Jillie’s Heart Co. know that you will also be supporting children with congenital heart defects! 1 out of 100 babies are born with heart disease. 75% of babies with CHD are expected to live 1 year. Though there are treatments for most congenital Heart Defects, there is NO cure. A child born with CHD requires continued monitoring and care. 69% of babies with born with critical CHD are expected to survive to 18 years of age...
I am now 29. 4 open heart surgeries down, 1 Thoracotomy, 2 pacemaker placements and 11 years more beautiful than I could have even hoped or dreamed for. Fingers crossed for many more!!! I feel truly lucky and humbled to be alive and it’s all because of the success of pediatric cardiology & heart surgeons! There are now more adults than children living with congenital heart defects.  My goal is to keep it this way. Thank you all for helping me with this, whether you were aware of this subtlety or not. There are no words to express my gratitude...

May we always attract limitless miracles
xo Jillie (Heart Warrior)

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